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April De Farias

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Derring Do

I started my photography company back in 2009 with a passion for taking images of everyone & everything around me. That little passion grew into now 10 years of business and I'm truly humbled to be a part of so many special events & life experiences.

I take pride in giving my customers quality work as well as a fun & low key environment. You should have fun on your session & I do my best for that to happen. You will feel at ease & always be in good hands. Being a Mother of 4 Children I can say that I work well with little ones. Four crazy boys can test your patience so I know first hand how to work with different personalities.

  Yes I bribe a bit but... Hey we have to do what we've gotta do lol. And YES I am that photographer who makes all those weird noises, even if I have to bark like a dog or quack like a duck to get that perfect image. (just saying) haha!

April Started her photography business in March 2009

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